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Japan's FujiFUJIIRYOKIMassage chairJP1100
  • Recommended retail price:¥59800
  • Race walking:¥59800
Panasonic Panasonic Massage chair EP-MA97
  • Recommended retail price:¥41800
  • Race walking:¥41800
Panasonic Panasonic Massage chair EP-MA8K
  • Recommended retail price:¥32800
  • Race walking:¥32800
TaiwanTOKUYODu the massage chairTC-730
  • Recommended retail price:¥39800
  • Race walking:¥29800
PanasonicPanasonic intelligent massage chairEP-MA04
  • Recommended retail price:¥15999
  • Race walking:¥15999

The treadmill hit list


Adidas(adidas)Intelligent running machineT-19
  • Recommended retail price:¥0
  • Race walking:¥15999
ReebokReebok running machineJET200+New upgrade intelligent home treadmill
  • Recommended retail price:¥9960
  • Race walking:¥4980
ReebokReebok running machine I-RUN4.0 Free installation all folding
  • Recommended retail price:¥7980
  • Race walking:¥3999

Massage chair hit list


Adidas(adidas)Mute elliptical machineX-16
  • Recommended retail price:¥8999
  • Race walking::¥7999
QiaoshanJOHNSONHousehold elliptical machineET 5.0
  • Recommended retail price:¥10500
  • Race walking::¥7875
ReebokReebokONEA series of household mute magnetron elliptical machine GX60
  • Recommended retail price:¥8800
  • Race walking::¥4680
ReebokReebokONEA series of household mute on a stationary bike GB60
  • Recommended retail price:¥7980
  • Race walking::¥3688
Adidas(adidas)The electromagnetic control on a stationary bikeC-16
  • Recommended retail price:¥6598
  • Race walking::¥3299

A stationary bike hit list


Panasonic Panasonic The leg massager beautiful leg instrumentEW-RA96 Bright pink
  • Recommended retail price :¥2999
  • Race walking:¥2999
Panasonic Panasonic Eye massagerEH-SW50 White
  • Recommended retail price :¥1499
  • Race walking:¥1499
Panasonic Panasonic Pelvic massager hip massagerEW-NA75 Bright pink
  • Recommended retail price :¥1499
  • Race walking:¥1499
Panasonic Panasonic The leg massagerEW-NA33
  • Recommended retail price :¥2688
  • Race walking:¥1088
Panasonic Panasonic EW-NA84 Beautiful leg instrument The leg massager
  • Recommended retail price :¥1199
  • Race walking:¥999

Small hot list


Icahn in the United States ICON Pro-form PROFORM Household running machine...
  • Recommended retail price:¥52000
  • Race walking:¥46999
ICONIcahn treadmill29716 Dick series home treadmill
  • Recommended retail price:¥34999
  • Race walking:¥29999

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