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Tianjin HaoQiang jie into science and technology development co., LTD. Is engaged in security products research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Services for the integration of high-tech enterprises,In the closed-circuit monitoring、Anti-theft alarm、Electronic patrolling、Building intercom、Access control attendance、Channel management、Security intelligence system has been leading the company gathers the marketing services、Technical support and other fields of industry elite,And has produced a large number of skilled、Skilled staff team with high quality。Business includes agent、Distribution、The installation、Many famous video monitoring maintenance industry、Video footage、Anti-theft alarm、Intelligent entrance guard、Public broadcasting、Wireless public address 、The meeting system、Building intercom equipment, etc,Also have price at optimal joint ventures and domestic products。We have formed a set of complete product system,Can fully meet the needs of customers all kinds of different types of projects,Can also be aimed at... more+
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The name of the company:Tianjin HaoQiang jie technology development co., LTD
The company address:Tianjin xiqing district seven zhuang li in the village in garden25-1-802
The phone:13312116681
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