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        • The ecological city
          Release time:2017-10-27
          “The ecological city”(Eco-city)This concept is in20In the world70S UNESCO man and biosphere program launched in the process of research,It is refers to the concept of ecological civilization,Established in accordance with the principle of ecological economy、Society、Natural coordinated development,Material、Energy、Efficient utilization of information,Culture、Technology、New city landscape fusion,Is to implement people-oriented for the sustainable development of the new city,Is the human green production、Livable home life。Ecological city development goal of the economy、Society、The coordinated development of material nature、Energy、Information efficiently...
        • Wisdom city
          Release time:2017-10-24
          Wisdom city construction is the carrier of national informatization and urbanization development,Is a sign of city towards modernization new stage。Wisdom city construction has become a push supply side the content of the structural reform in our country,Become the important support of the sustainable healthy development of cities。The Internet of things、Big data、Artificial intelligence is a new wisdom city towards a higher level of development the core driving force to implement people-oriented、Controlled independently、The concept of intelligent operation。 The tour has to master core technologies,The whole building is put forward“1+3+N”The service system,Namely“A center、Three platforms、NApplications”:A center of swimming...
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        Big data
        Big data
        BIG DATA
        Big data

        As cloud computing、Mobile Internet and Internet of things, such as innovation and application of a new generation of information technology popularization,21Century humans will rapidly into the era of big data。The much starker choices-and graver consequences-in of our country

        Artificial intelligence
        Artificial intelligence
        Artificial intelligence

        Artificial intelligence booster for big data,By Internet and cloud computing as the cornerstone of algorithm as the core,In a set of technologies,The machine can be felt、To understand、Learn and take action

        Public safety
        Public safety
        Public safety

        The speeding up of urbanization has brought global urban infrastructure、The huge pressure of resources and security,Especially in recent years,All kinds of natural disasters、Safety accidents、Public health events and social security incidents happened constantly,We are facing an unprecedented threat to public safety。How to make use of innovative technologies

        The Internet of things
        The Internet of things
        The Internet of things

        With steam power、Electrification etc. Similar to the industrial revolution,Internet is fast becoming the new engine of global growth。Through connect the physical world and virtual world,The Internet of things improve the productivity、Create the opportunity for innovation and open up new markets。In the history,Every time the productivity revolution

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        • Company profile

          Chongqing and swim software technology co., LTD(简称亚游)Ecological environment is one of the related management institutions、Environmental responsibility main body provides industry solutions and products engineering solutions,As well as software services(Saas)、Platform services(PaaS)、Data services。

          The tour is a national high and new technology enterprise、Chongqing double soft enterprise and provincial technology research and development center。Since the founding of the company,In the field of ecological city requires work and keep high r&d intensity,In remote sensing、Big data and analysis、Artificial intelligence、Public safety、The Internet of things, and other fields has made more than100Independent intellectual property rights research results,Widely used in ecological city natural resource management、Pollution prevention and control、Urban areas such as environmental factors and management and wisdom。

          Combined with the leading technology and advanced management methods,In the technical delivery to swim at the same time,Through management consulting services and process optimization,Actively carried out in cooperation with the customer management change,Advance solutions fall to the ground and get best practices。At present,The solution has been in chongqing、Sichuan province、Fujian and other places successfully deployed,And continue to create value for the user…

          The tour will be outstanding achievements of science and technology innovation and industry users to share,Through innovative technology to enhance the management level of natural resources and ecological environment,Accelerate the pace towards wisdom of ecological environment management,Promote the development of society and change,Make our earth more green。

          Company profile

        • Branches

          UN 'y zhisheng

          As one of the most important aspects of the strategic deployment of the tour group,Around a small sensor、Big data technology strategy,UN 'y zhisheng is committed to the ecological environment construction of big data,To strengthen and consolidate the three-dimensional monitoring network and the front-end product research and development on the basis of perception,With great concentration on the ecological environment data model and algorithm、Machine learning、Computer vision analysis research,And the related research results applied to the environmental protection is given priority to the wisdom of the city in various fields。

          Big zhisheng

          Big zhisheng by the swim and the PLA information engineering university institute of advanced technology joint venture。Through the cooperation,To make full use of the people's liberation army zhisheng…The research achievements of information engineering university, institute of advanced technology and research capabilities,Combined with the tour company products in the field of environmental protection technology and industry experience,The letter big scientific research content into the practical application of the environmental protection industry,To better realize the fusion of business and technology,To speed up the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements。



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